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Our BB is at just a few minutes walking  from 2 Sephardic Orthodox synagogues, 1 Kosher bakery, three kosher restaurants, 1 kosher sushi restaurant, 2 kosher minimarkets.

Upon arrival we will show you how to get to all the places of Jewish interest.


Kosher breakfast, (Chalav Israel always available), is served in the comfortable living room and it is the magical moment of the day where, in a real party atmosphere guests of various origins, meet to exchange suggestions or comment on the visited sites.


For Shabbat and religious holidays, we offer a beautifully served table, with a Plata, a distributor of hot water for tea and coffee, and special teas, so that  guests can buy their meals at one of the restaurant downstairs, or order them at one of the kosher caterings, which will deliver it  to the B&B at no extra charge.We are close to Chabad who, for a Friday evenings, organize pleasant dinners for tourists and Israeli students, in one of the synagogues in our area.

JEWISH COOKING CLASSES:  we can help you booking charming Jewish Cooking Classes.




Our BB offers a paid service for guided tours of Rome in various languages ​​and for those interested also specific tours to the Jewish Ghetto. For more information please send us an email .

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